Stichting Familie Ravelli Nederland

About us

Family Ravelli Foundation in the Netherlands

Welcome to the site of the Family Ravelli Foundation in the Netherlands. The foundation is located in Amersfoort (NL)

After many years of research, we have built up a reliable genealogy that goes back to 1515. Because of privacy reasons, we do not use information on our website after 1900 but, if one of your ancestors has the name Ravelli and origins from the municipality of Druogno in the Valle Vigezzo we do have a lot of information for you!

If you are interested in this, we would like to contact you for information exchange. How can you become your family tree?

Send us your family tree that goes back to an ancestor that was born in Druogno;
If it’s correct, we’ll paste your information to ours;
You get your family tree dating back to 1515.

Ravelli in the Netherlands